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The Hive

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Opening Times

Breakfast Club: 7:30am-9am

Busy Bees Preschool: 9am-3pm

After School Club: 3pm-6pm


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Diary Dates

Autumn Term  2017:

First day:  Tuesday 5th September

Half term:  Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October

Last day:   Friday 15th December


Spring Term 2018:

First day:   Wednesday 3rd January 

Half Term: Monday 19th - Friday 23rd February

Last day: Thursday 29th March


Summer Term 2018:

First day:  Monday 16th April 

May Bank holiday: Monday 7th May 

Half term:  Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June 

Term ends: Friday 20th July 



 Busy Bees is a fun, stimulating and happy place to be.  However, when children are feeling poorly, the best place for them is to be at home.  Because of this, if you have needed to give your child Calpol or an equivalent, they are deemed to be poorly and need to stay at home.  This is stated within our terms and conditions in the Welcome Pack.


All children have coughs and colds throughout their childhood so there is no reason why you can't continue to send your child to Busy Bees in these circumstances, providing they have not required medication.  As part of children's Physical Development, we encourage good hygiene measures including using tissues, putting them in the bin afterwards and then washing hands.  Children always wash their hands before eating.


Should your child require medication, you must inform us.  For instance, this could be an inhaler, steroid cream or antibiotics.  We will ask you to complete a form in our 'Medication Record' which details the name of the medication, dosage, times to be administered etc - we are happy to give your child medication which is prescribed by a Doctor or Dentist.  We are unable to give any other medications such as Calpol or cough mixture.


Should your child have vomited or had an upset stomach, we need to take precautions to prevent this from spreading to other children and staff.  You will be required to keep your child at home until 48 hours have passed since the LAST time they were sick or had diarrhea - this guidance comes from the Health Protection Agency.  


There are times when a child may become ill during a session with us.  In this instance, we would contact parents/carers initially and then alternative contacts should we not be able to get hold of you.  Please be reassured that we will keep your child comfortable and safe until you arrive to take them home.  


We are required to follow guidance from the Health Protection Agency concerning infection control.  You can access information here which shows the recommended period that children should be kept away from school/nursery for when presenting with certain infections such as chickenpox, impetigo and scarlet fever:  Staff are required to follow the same guidance should they become ill. As parents, you know your child the best and we therefore respect your decision on your child's attendance at Busy Bees. Providing they are not infectious and do not require Calpol, it is your decision whether they are well enough to attend


Hopefully, if we all follow the above guidance then we can reduce the spread of infection throughout Busy Bees.  Thank you for your cooperation.