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Diary Dates

Autumn Term  2017:

First day:  Tuesday 5th September

Half term:  Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October

Last day:   Friday 15th December


Spring Term 2018:

First day:   Wednesday 3rd January 

Half Term: Monday 19th - Friday 23rd February

Last day: Thursday 29th March


Summer Term 2018:

First day:  Monday 16th April 

May Bank holiday: Monday 7th May 

Half term:  Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June 

Term ends: Friday 20th July 


Investigating Floating & Sinking

 Yesterday at circle time, we investigated floating and sinking with Jodie.  From a tray of items, the children were encouraged to think whether the objects would float on the water or sink to the bottom.  We raised our hands when instructed to indicate what we thought would happen, float or sink.  The children used some wonderful vocabulary and mathematical words as well as demonstrating their ability to think through a problem.

They considered each item, with some children giving reasons for their floating or sinking judgement.

"the stone is heavy so that will go to the bottom" - Rosie, aged 4

"the grapes will sink.  They're small"  - Jessica, aged 4


Some of the objects surprised us, particularly the plastic Minion toy.  This floated for a few seconds but then gradually began to sink to the bottom.  We wondered why this might be.....

After looking carefully at the toy, we discovered a hole in the back.  We concluded that water was getting in which made it heavy and caused it to sink.

"tip it out and see what happens." - Leigton, aged 4

"it's floating again now!" - Bob, aged 3

"now it's sinking again" - Luke, aged 3

After we'd finished our investigations, the children had the opportunity to make a boat at the craft table with Jodie.  They used milk cartons, sponge, straws and paper to construct their boats.  Children followed instructions, practised their cutting and problem solving solving skills and designed a sail which demonstrated their mark making abilities.  Some children wrote their name on the sail "so I know it's mine" - Rosie, aged 4.


We floated our boats outside in the paddling pool.   Again, we heard lots of wonderful mathematical language such as 'big', 'small', 'more' and 'lots'.  Children's comments included:

"mine's going far" - Beth, aged 3

"mine's floating on the water going far over the other side of the pool." - Rosie, aged 4

"that one is winning.  It's going further than the others" - Jessica, aged 4


Some children noticed that the paper they had stuck to the side of the milk carton came off in the water "it's soggy now" said Leighton.  


We continued our learning by investigating floating and sinking in the water tray both indoors and outdoors.  Children discussed the objects in the trays between themselves and were overheard making predictions, testing their judgements and using trial and error.