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Breakfast Club: 7:45am-9am

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Diary Dates

Autumn Term  2016:

First day:  Wednesday 7th September

Half term:  Monday 24th - Friday 28th October

Last day:   Friday 16th December


Spring Term 2017:

First day:   Wednesday 4th January 

Half Term: Monday 13th - Friday 17th February

Last day: Friday 7th April


Summer Term 2017:

First day:  Monday 24th April 

May Bank holiday: Monday 1st May 

Half term:  Monday 29th May - Friday 2nd June 

Term ends: Friday 21st July 


Last Forest School Session of the School Year

 On Tuesday afternoon, the Butterfly group were excited to particiapte in their final Forest School session of this school year.  Last week, they talked about having a fire and what they would like to cook on it.  The children had many suggestions but managed to narrow it down to:

* Cakes (welsh cakes)

* Watermelon

* Marshmallows

* Bananas


The children excitedly got ready for the session whilst Fay lit the fire in the pit.  When we got down to the Forest School area, we sat around the log circle where we went through the rules of the fire.  We then made our way round to the fire pit, sitting on the logs surrounding it so we weren't too close.  We watched the flames and listened to the sticks make a cracking sound as they burned.


 The children were given half a banana which had a slit lengthways along it.  They then pushed chocolate buttons into the slit before wrapping the banana in tin foil.  Fay carefully placed the bananas around the fire so they would warm through and melt the chocolate.  While these were cooking, Fay gave each child a piece of dough which they flattened out before choosing a topping - grated cheese or raisins.  These were then cooked on a baking sheet on the fire.  While we waited, we all had a slice of watermelon.


Soon, the bananas were ready so Emma, Fay and Michelle carefully unwrapped the foil and checked they weren't too hot before giving to the children.  There was much delight as the children scooped out the chocolatey banana, licking their fingers to make sure there was none wasted!  The welsh cakes took a little longer to cook so we all had a slice of watermelon while we waited.  We talked about the colours of it, outside and inside and whether we had tried it before.  Some of us held it and were surprised how heavy it was.


Once we had finished our feast, Fay asked how we could put the fire out.  "Water" replied Basia.


We had time for a play in the Forest School area before rejoining the log circle where Fay handed our certificates. 


What a great afternoon!