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Diary Dates

Autumn Term  2017:

First day:  Tuesday 5th September

Half term:  Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October

Last day:   Friday 15th December


Spring Term 2018:

First day:   Wednesday 3rd January 

Half Term: Monday 19th - Friday 23rd February

Last day: Thursday 29th March


Summer Term 2018:

First day:  Monday 16th April 

May Bank holiday: Monday 7th May 

Half term:  Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June 

Term ends: Friday 20th July 


Visit to Aldi

 Last week, we decided we wanted to make some apple crumble.  The children thought we should go to "the supermarket" and helped to write a list.  "We will definitely need some apples" said Evie excitedly.  The children helped to check the cupboards to see what we needed to buy and then we wrote a shopping list. 


The children in the Butterfly group all walked sensibly with us down to Aldi.  They helped pick the produce from the shelves, put it in the trolley, unloaded it on to the conveyor belt and helped to pack.  Great work!


During the afternoon, we chopped our apples to make the crumble.  We scooped spoonfuls of sugar and sprinkled it on, counted out raisins and added oats to make a crunchy topping.