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Opening Times

Breakfast Club: 7:30am-9am

Busy Bees Preschool: 9am-3pm

After School Club: 3pm-6pm


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Diary Dates

Autumn Term  2017:

First day:  Tuesday 5th September

Half term:  Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October

Last day:   Friday 15th December


Spring Term 2018:

First day:   Wednesday 3rd January 

Half Term: Monday 19th - Friday 23rd February

Last day: Thursday 29th March


Summer Term 2018:

First day:  Monday 16th April 

May Bank holiday: Monday 7th May 

Half term:  Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June 

Term ends: Friday 20th July 


Lottery funded

Parent Communication Board

We now have a large whiteboard on the wall outside Busy Bees which will be used for communication between staff and parents.  We will inform you what the children have had for their snack, activities they have participated in, plans for the week, visitors to the setting and other important information.  We will be leaving a parent's comments book out which will be attached to the whiteboard - please enter your comments and thoughts if you have a moment.  We are hopeful that the new board will allow us to conveniently share information with parents and carers about the se

Garden Centre Role Play

Our theme for next half term will be 'Growth.'  As part of this theme, we will be exploring the growth of ourselves, plants, animals, fruit and vegetables.  Our role play corner is going to be set up as a Garden Centre for the duration of the half term to replace the Chinese Restaurant we have had this half term.  We are looking for donations for our role play to include seeds, plant pots, seed trays, gardening magazines, gardening tools, potted plants and compost.  If you can help, please bring your donations into Busy Bees at any time - they will be very much appreciat

Fruity Friday - 27th January

We would like to say a big thank you to all the Parents, Carers and children who supported Fruity Friday which was a huge success.  The children tried Passion Fruit, Kiwi, Mango, Plums, Pineapple, Strawberries, Pomegranate, Grapefruit and Apples.  Lots of children (and staff!) tried some particular fruits for the first time.  Jodie led circle time talking about the different fruits, their colours, textures, shape and smell. The next Fruity Friday is on 24th February.

'Red' day at Busy Bees

This half term, we have been exploring Chinese New Year and all things Chinese.  On Thursday 26th January, we will be holding a 'red' day as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.  Children can come dressed in red or bring in a red item.  We ask for a donation of 50p which will go towards our fundraising efforts. 


Busy Bees @ LPS share the facilities with PALS who operate a breakfast and after school club as well as running a holiday club. To view the booking information, please click on the 'PALS' heading.

Contributions to the 'Wow' Board

Thank you to the parents who have been sharing information about their child's achievements on our 'Wow' board.  We have got some children who have started swimming lessons, others have been counting to 12 and another child has counted in French.  Please continue to share your child's achievements with us.

Fruity Friday

From Friday 27th January, every Friday at Busy Bees will be a Fruity Friday.  We would like to encourage the children to experience different fruit to that they would normally eat.  To do this, we ask that children bring a piece of fruit to the morning or afternoon session - something they eat normally, something they would like to try or something they've seen in the Supermarket which they have been interested in.  Although we are hoping for some more unusual fruits, more popular fruits such as apples and bananas will be just as appreciated.  The children will be talkin

Share our story times on a Thursday afternoon!!

From Thursday 26th January, we would like to give parents the opportunity to join their child for our afternoon story and singing session on a Thursday afternoon.  Please arrive at Busy Bees at 2:30pm to join your child in listening to a story and singing some popular action songs and nursery rhymes.  If this proves to be popular, we are hoping to extend it to other afternoons as well. 

Book Sharing at Busy Bees

We have some lovely books at Busy Bees which we love reading to the children.  We would like Parents, Carers, Grandparents and other family members to have the opportunity of sharing some of our books with the children.  At the end of every session, we will have a selection of books for parents and carers to browse through and borrow to read at home.  We ask that you fill in the date, title of the book and the child's name in the 'Book Borrowing' notebook so we can account for the books.  If you would like to borrow a book at the end of the afternoon session, please

Fundraiser - Pampered Chef Party

We are hoping to raise some much needed funds for new toys and resources for the children.  We particularly need new bikes, cars and scooters for physical play as well as resources to support the children's literacy and mathemetical development.  Jodie and Bev are holding a Pampered Chef party on Monday 20th February from 7:30pm at Busy Bees.  If you would like to attend, then please speak to Jodie and Bev at the start of your child's session.