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Diary Dates

Autumn Term  2017:

First day:  Tuesday 5th September

Half term:  Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October

Last day:   Friday 15th December


Spring Term 2018:

First day:   Wednesday 3rd January 

Half Term: Monday 19th - Friday 23rd February

Last day: Thursday 29th March


Summer Term 2018:

First day:  Monday 16th April 

May Bank holiday: Monday 7th May 

Half term:  Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June 

Term ends: Friday 20th July 


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Visit to the Library

 As the seasons have begun to change, we've been thinking about signs of Spring.  To enhance our learning, we took the Butterfly group to the library to choose some Spring and Easter themed books to borrow.


The children walked beautifully to the Master's House, talking about what they could see and hear on the way.  There were plenty of birds singing in the trees, dogs barking and aeroplanes going over and leaving trails in the sky.  We spotted leaves beginning to grow on the trees and flowers growing which the children recognised as daffodils.


When we got to the library, the children set about exploring the shelves of books before selecting some to look through.  Bev and Michelle read stories picked out by the children and we were impressed that some children recognised books we already had at Busy Bees.  After we had chosen some to borrow, we used the self scanning machine to take them out with the children each having a turn.

Carrier Bag Kites

 Yesterday, as we were expecting windy weather today, we asked all children to bring in a carrier bag from home.

Today, we we've been cutting lengths of ribbon and tying them on to the handles of the bags to make  kites.  Children then wrote their name on a label and stuck it on the bag so they could identify theirs.  The younger children flew their kite outside the Portacabin at Busy Bees and the older ones went for a small walk to an open, grassy area where they could run freely and let their kites soar. 

There was wonderful language from the children:

"Mine's going higher and higher."

"We need more wind to make it go up."

"I can go fast and make it go high in the sky."

"Look at my kite blow fast in the big wind."

"It goes up and up."

"Oh no, it's raining.  The kites won't go up high."


Here are some photos of the fun we had:

Chinese New Year Stay and Play

 Each half term, we hold a stay and play session for parents and carers.  This is an opportunity for members of a child's family to come along and join us for activities and these events are always popular.


This morning, we were delighted that not only mums and dads but also grandparents, childminders and siblings joined us.  We started off with circle time where there were lots of new people to sing hello to!  Children and parents then went off to play with the toys and resources as well as taking part in dragon making at the craft table.  While all this was going on, tasty Chinese food was cooking in the kitchen ready for our snack.  Before our family members went home, we enjoyed tasting noodles, sweetcorn, mango chutney, prawn crackers, vegetable spring rolls, chicken wontons and prawn toast. 


Here are some photos from our morning:


We Had Snow!!

 After our snow dance yesterday, we were delighted to see that it worked by bringing us snow overnight.  It may not have been much but it was enough for us to have fun in this morning before it melted away in the sun. 


We ran around in the playground, made marks using sticks, had a go at snow angels and investigated our shadows.  It soon got very cold so we went back in to snuggle up with blankets and have hot chocolate and toast for a snack to warm us up.


Snow Dance!

 The children have been really excited about the prospect of snow.  This morning, we watched the weather forecast on the interactive display screen, hoping that the snow which passed over us really would come our way.  We thought that we could encourage the snow by doing a snow dance in the playground.  After wrapping up warm, we took the scarves and instruments down to the playground where we twirled, swirled and danced.  The children giggled excitedly as we looked to the sky to see if our dance was working.  We're hoping that our efforts will pay off!

Christmas Stay and Play 2016

 This morning, we held one of our half termly stay and play sessions.  The sessions are a time when parents and carers can come along to a session, joining us for craft and cookery activities as well as stories. 


Our session today had a festive theme with plenty for children and their families to do:

* Christmas sensory rice

* Christmas songs and music on the display board

* Exploring the Travelling Crib from St Michael's and All Angels Church in Ledbury

* Christmas mark making

Visit to St Michael and All Angels Church, Ledbury

 This afternoon, we visited St Michael and All Angels Church with our Butterfly group.  We listened to the organist practising, looked at the marvellous stained glass windows and also saw the advent candle and Christmas tree.


Next Wednesday and Thursday, we have the crib scene visiting Busy Bees from the Church so it was lovely to see this today as well. 


Some Days It's Too Nice to Stay Indoors

 Today has been the most beautiful Autumn day.  The leaves have been falling, the sun has been shining and the children have been keen to be out in the Forest School area having fun.  We've been kicking the leaves, listening to the crunchy sound as we step on them; shaking the trees to watch the leaves fall; lying on the ground to watch as the leaves fall on us; hammering golf tees into pumpkins; leaf painting and making Autumn crowns.  There have been squeals of delight, laughter and smiling faces all day.

Autumn at Busy Bees

We love the Autumn season at Busy Bees as it provides so many wonderful opportunities for learning.  Since the beginning of the term, we've been using our senses to think about Autumn - what can we see happening?  Why are the leaves falling from the trees?  What colours can we see?  Can we find a big leaf and a small leaf?


We have enjoyed many activities, indoors and outdoors which have really sparked the children's imagination and curiosity.  Particular favourites have been:


* going for walks, recording our findings with the iPad

* exploring patterns of leaves and bark by having a go at rubbings

* making apple crumble and hedgehog bread

* exploring the insides of pumpkins and counting seeds

* sorting and counting Autumn objects including conkers, pine cones, sycamore seeds and leaves

* making collages using items found in the Forest School area

* making telescopes and going on a squirrel hunt


Forest School Exploration and 'Leaf Man'

We've been thinking all about Autumn and this morning we introduced the children to a book which we've used at Forest School sessions before - 'Leaf Man'.  This beautiful book tells the story of Leaf Man as he blows away in the wind and on his travels he passes over various things, all made out of real leaves.  The children were captivated by his journey and enjoyed picking out the creatures on each page such as chickens, geese, mice, cows and squirrels.  At circle time, Jodie made a Leaf Man, inviting the children to add what features he needed, including eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows.  We then decided we could explore the Forest School area, looking for Leaf Man and making our own.


There was lots to investigate and we had fun practising our climbing and balancing skills on the logs, playing inside the tee-pee, using the natural instruments and the 'forest phone'.  We hunted through the leaves with our hands and sticks, commenting on the colours, shapes and sizes.