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Opening Times

Breakfast Club: 7:30am-9am

Busy Bees Preschool: 9am-3pm

After School Club: 3pm-6pm


Spaces now available!




Diary Dates

Autumn Term  2017:

First day:  Tuesday 5th September

Half term:  Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October

Last day:   Friday 15th December


Spring Term 2018:

First day:   Wednesday 3rd January 

Half Term: Monday 19th - Friday 23rd February

Last day: Thursday 29th March


Summer Term 2018:

First day:  Monday 16th April 

May Bank holiday: Monday 7th May 

Half term:  Monday 28th May - Friday 1st June 

Term ends: Friday 20th July 


Lottery funded

New Uniform!

We have some exciting news to share with you. The Busy Bees ladies will be coming back in September with a whole new look. Rather than greeting you on the first day of term in our navy uniform, we'll be wearing a lovely shade of purple instead.

Parents can now order uniform using our online shop set up by our new provider, Simon from 'Your Name On It'. We hope you'll find this a much easier way to purchase t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies or even a PE bag. Children are still welcome to carry on wearing navy.


Online shop:  www.yournameonitshop.co.uk/busy_bees.html


Autumn term 2015

Our term time sessions have ended for the Summer but we return for Preschool, Breakfast and After School Club on 7th September.  


If you would like to book sessions for the Autumn term, please email us: busybeeslps@hotmail.co.uk.  Alternatively, you can contact us on Facebook (Busy Bees at LPS) or Twitter (@BusyBeesatLPS).  Busy Bees Holiday Club is running throughout the Summer  - you are welcome to telephone them or call in to leave your details and Emma (Term Time Manager) or Bev (Deputy Term Time Manager) will call you back.

Enjoy your Summer!

Holiday Club @ BB - Summer 2015

A letter will be emailed out to parents this evening regarding Holiday Club. We are now taking bookings and will be open from 7:45am - 6pm as usual during the Summer and every school holiday thereafter. The programme will be available at the beginning of next week - we are excited to offer a fun filled feast of activities for ages 3-11 years. To book spaces, you can complete the form on the Holiday Club programme or email our dedicated email address for all matters concerning holidays: busybeesholidayclub@hotmail.com.

Two Year Funding

Do you, or someone you know have a child coming up to their second birthday or already turned two? Parents could be entitled to claim fifteen hours of free childcare per week should they meet certain criteria. There is now the facility to check eligibility for funding online through the Herefordshire Council website:




The site also contains an application form for the funding which is returned to Herefordshire Council.


Investigating Floating & Sinking

 Yesterday at circle time, we investigated floating and sinking with Jodie.  From a tray of items, the children were encouraged to think whether the objects would float on the water or sink to the bottom.  We raised our hands when instructed to indicate what we thought would happen, float or sink.  The children used some wonderful vocabulary and mathematical words as well as demonstrating their ability to think through a problem.

They considered each item, with some children giving reasons for their floating or sinking judgement.

"the stone is heavy so that will go to the bottom" - Rosie, aged 4

"the grapes will sink.  They're small"  - Jessica, aged 4


Sports Day 2015

On a beautifully warm Thursday afternoon, we held our annual Sports Day for children in our Butterfly and Caterpillar PE groups.  


The event was fantastically supported by Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties and Siblings who cheered enthusiastically as the children participated in an afternoon of races.  Jodie, our Sports Day organisor, arranged races including the following:

* Running

* Beanbag

* Water

* Jelly

* Egg and Spoon

and.......'Grown Ups' races!!


After the races, families joined us in the front garden for refresehments including drinks, cakes, biscuits and strawberries and cream.  Thanks go to Haygrove Fruit who kindly supply us with strawberries every year for this event.  Thanks to the generosity of our families, we raised over £55.


Here are some photos of our afternoon.

Visit from Andy Lee Transport

This week, we are thinking all about transport and were lucky enough to have a lorry cab visit. Thank you to Andy Lee Transport for sparing the cab and driver for our children to have such a wonderful experience this morning.


The children were able to explore the cab if they wanted to, where they found a bed, television, radio and lots of knobs, switches and buttons which they asked questions about including:

"what's that?"

"how does that work?"

"why is there a bed?"

"is that the gearstick?"


We were very surprised to see how big the wheels were - they were even taller than some of the children!


Below, you can find some photos from our fabulous morning.

Newsletter - 5th June 2015

 Please find a link below to view our latest newsletter

Minibeast Walk

 This afternoon, we enjoyed a marvellous minibeast hunt around the school field which was a fantastic end to this half term.

Here we are all ready to go!


The children were fascinated with the holes in the hedge at the bottom of the field.

Hedgehog Rescue

This morning, we discovered a hedgehog in the Forest School area.  Unfortunately, the hedgehog was looking a little poorly so we contacted Leadon Vale vets for advice.  They told us that we could tkae the hedgehog in for them to look at and then it would be sent to a rescue centre where they are better equipped to help it.